This is a learning project that I would like to share here. This project deals with a business problem and gives a solution that helps in taking important decisions for the business. This post follows a sequence of steps so that it will be easy to read and understand the entire project.

The Introduction:

As per the title, this project deals with Hyderabad city, India. Before going straight into the problem, it is a good idea to provide a formal introduction about the city. So let’s get to know about Hyderabad city.

Hyderabad is the capital city of the Indian state, Telangana…

After successfully installing Windows and Linux in dual boot mode, i had issues with mounting the windows partition or drive in linux. My objective is to access the windows partition or drive and its files on linux. The other way is not possible as windows doesn’t support linux file systems.

The Problem: The windows partition or drive can be mounted on linux. The files in windows drive are accessed in read-only mode. So it was not possible to create a new file/folder or modify the existing files/folders. This problem doesn’t solve even after changing the file/folder permissions using chmod or…

Like many, i faced this problem myself. So, i wanted to make this easy to understand and implement. If you installed Linux on one hard drive and you have a second one in your system. But you’re tired of mounting it after every boot to access it, then follow along with me.

If you prefer not to edit fstab file and want to do it more easily. Install gnome disks utility. Right click on second hard drive and select edit mount options and unselect user session defaults. Select mount on startup and enter the mount point/mount directory, file system type…

Audio in Linux

Edit: Latest developments happen in Linux world quickly. So there is new audio server called “Pipewire” which has potential to replace Pulseaudio and Jack audio servers. Pipewire is great in everything. I don’t have all the details but if anyone is interested, check the link below. I have heard that this will be shipped with Fedora 34.


PipeWire — ArchWiki (

Audio quality in any Linux distribution when compared to Windows or Mac operating systems is bad. Why…? read the below paragraph for short info.

It is because of the audio drivers. The audio chip manufactures(for ex: Realtek) develops…

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