Windows and Linux dual boot problem

After successfully installing Windows and Linux in dual boot mode, I had issues with mounting the windows partition e in Linux. My objective is to access the windows partition and its files on Linux. The other way is not possible as windows don’t support Linux file systems.

The Problem: The windows partition can be mounted on Linux. The files in the windows drive are accessed in read-only mode. So it was not possible to create a new file/folder or modify the existing files/folders. This problem doesn’t solve even after changing the file/folder permissions using chmod or chown. The problem is because of the windows 10 operating system.

The solution: In Windows 10, go to the control panel. Open “power options” and select “what the power button does”. Now click on “Change settings that are currently unavailable” and uncheck “Turn on fast startup”. By default, the fast-boot mode is enabled in windows 10. This causes the problem. Due to this, when windows is shut down, the state of the windows and its file systems are locked and stored in a file and then shut down. This is not a proper shutdown. This is kind of hibernate. Actually, it is half hibernating and half shut down. As the file systems are locked, the windows file systems are not properly un-mounted before shutdown. This is a benefit to Windows 10, as it enables it to boot fastly. After disabling the fast-boot mode in windows 10, the files/folders on windows drive can be fully accessed in Linux.


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Veda Swaroop

I am Post Grad. Electrical Engineering graduate. I love Science, Technology, Linux and Computers in general. Machine Learning, Deep Learning Enthusiast.